Property Management

We have a skilled and dedicated property management team with over 20 years experience, focused on providing outstanding service in the management of both residential and commercial properties. At RE/MAX Executives we know what is important to you... profit, protection and communication at a fair price.

Your valuable investment property is safeguarded every step of the way by professional property management personnel using a tried and tested system that is under constant review.

Every step has been refined over our many years of success in property management starting with tenant selection, inspection timetables, dispute management and resolution, programmed maintenance, reports to investors, and finally appropriate disbursement of tenants' bond.

Business Development Manager 

Rebecca Duce has over 18 years’ experience in management of both Residential and commercial properties. Rebecca’s sole purpose is to ensure that your investment property is being efficiently looked after and maintained

Senior Property Manager

Nathan Andrew has been in the Property Management industry for over 10 years. Nathan assures you receive a quality applicant, in the shortest time for the highest possible price. 

Property Manager 

Jesscinta Pitt is well organised and believes that communication is key to successfully managing properties. Her attention to detail proves her willingness to communicate with tenants and owners to satisfy their expectations. 

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